Strikes are the only real leverage a union has, and the union is not afraid to put its members on the picket line.

Work Stoppages

Workers Involved

Source: 2012-2021 stats compiled by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.

What’s at Risk?

When union members are put on the picket line by the union they find out first hand just what they’re risking during an economic strike.

  • Paychecks from the company stop.
  • Economic strikers don’t qualify for unemployment in many states.

Strikers may have to pay the entire premium for any medical insurance policies.

And in some cases, replacement workers are hired to take the place of striking workers.

Strike Calculator

If you successfully vote the union in to represent you, you may face a strike if they’re unhappy with your contract.

You may be striking for increased benefits or wages (and extra powers for the union), but what will the strike cost you? And will it be worth the price tag?

Strike Costs

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