As part of our efforts to inform you about the current union campaign, we’ve created this website as a resource for you and your family to consider your options regarding unionization.

Union representation can affect almost everything in your work life – your wages, your benefits, your work environment, and your direct relationship with our company – so we encourage you to get all the facts about the union, make an informed decision when you vote, and if you have any questions – let’s talk.

About the IBEW

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) formed in 1891 for workers in the new electrical industry. Eventually, this union branched out to include workers in a variety of fields, such as construction, manufacturing, railroads, even broadcasting and telecommunications.

The IBEW has a history of high-profile corruption charges, expensive lawsuits, and an increasingly rebellious membership seeking to take back their union.

It all adds up to a significant loss of membership and power – which may make you wonder if this is the group of people you want representing your interests.

Your Vote, Your Voice

The time will come when you need to vote. Take it seriously.

It only takes 50% plus 1 of whoever votes to decide the outcome – so vote.

Don’t let others make the choice for you, you need to vote.

Your vote is private; no one will know how you voted. Even if you have signed a union authorization card, you can vote for either side.