The IBEW is a big business, surviving on the dues money from their hard-working members. The union collected:


in Per Capita Tax
from members

So, where is the money going?

The union somehow managed to pay out $1,417,465,079 – nearly $2 MILLION more than it collected.

Other: Contributions, Gifts, and Grants; Per Capita Tax; Strike Benefits; Fees, Fines, Assessments, etc.; Supplies for Resale; Loans Made; Repayment of Loans Obtained; On Behalf of Individual Members

Union Officials

The Union paid more than $43 million for the combined salaries and expenses of its officers and employees.

Source: 2022 IBEW LM-2 Report

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The union has some questionable spending habits and they need more dues-paying members to maintain their bottom line.

Why do you think they’re so interested in you?